About Justin

Driven by curiosity, listening, and learning, I enjoy leading a prolific multi-hyphenate existence: business leader, engineer, teacher, mentor, writer, photographer, maker among many other pursuits.

My varied interests during the pandemic for my Polaroid piece for EMULSIVE.
Justin Ribeiro

Hello wonderful people! I’m Justin Ribeiro, a dynamic force behind the transformative adoption of innovation and creativity across various sectors for over 25 years. My journey spans from telecommunications to aerospace, hospitality to consumer goods, and even the digital platforms and web browsers you use daily. As a visionary leader, I’ve pioneered the formation of high-performance teams and the development of executives and managers, blending the science of management with the art of leadership to propel companies into their next growth phase.

My leadership acumen is backed by rigorous academic training and practical experience. As a former Dean’s Research Fellow, I hold an MBA from the University of San Francisco (2006) and a BA in Business from Seattle University (2002). Presently, I’m expanding my expertise as a PhD Student in Management at Case Western Reserve University, where I am a DM Design & Innovation Fellow set to defend my dissertation in the first quarter of 2025.

In the executive realm, I’ve made my mark as an innovator and organizational architect. In March 2020, as CEO, I successfully led SVI through its strategic acquisition and merger with This Dot Labs. My entrepreneurial spirit first shone in 2006 with Your Media Coverage, an experimental advertising venture that pioneered user-generated content advertising, earning international recognition in an NHK: Japan documentary, “Advertising Revolution”. At the age of 16, I launched my first software product, laying the groundwork for today’s content management systems.

As a software engineering leader, my expertise extends across web and server technologies, and the burgeoning field of the Internet of Things (IoT), impacting both industrial and consumer domains. Recognized as a Google Developer Expert since 2014, I have made significant contributions to open-source software, including critical projects like Chromium, Visual Studio Code, and Eclipse. My commitment to the open-source community continues as I actively maintain various libraries and components integral to the digital ecosystem, used by hundreds of millions of people daily. My voice has reached millions through The Web Platform Podcast, and my insights have been shared in publications and at global conferences, including Google I/O, Eclipsecon, and SPAR 3D.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about mentoring the next generation, guest lecturing at universities, and pursuing a Doctorate in management and sustainability. My weekends are dedicated to family, creativity, and exploration, from writing and hiking to developing film in the darkroom with my wife Monica and our three children.

Join me on this journey of continuous growth, innovation, and leadership. Let’s shape the future together.

Curriculum Vitae, Resume, et al

For those interested in a detailed account of my professional journey over the past 25 years, my curriculum vitae or resume is available upon request. Please refer to the Contact section below to reach out via email. I am continually open to exploring new opportunities that align with my expertise and interests. Executive search committees are especially welcome to connect.

✉️ Contact

The most direct way to contact me is via email, which I monitor daily: justin@justinribeiro.com.

For more informal interactions, follow and message me on Mastodon. While I’m present on various social networks like LinkedIn and Instagram, please note that I may not frequently check or reply to messages on those platforms.