The often busy times of summer

Summer seems to have come and gone in a blink of an eye. The days can be long but the years seem to get shorter as time goes on.  There are draft articles on my desk, presentation proposals for next year waiting to be finished, and projects galore happening. Maybe now would be a good time to reflect for a moment on what exactly has been happening of late.

Travel didn't take a great focus personally this summer; when you're wife is carrying twins, it's best not to move her to fast or take her on planes (crazy doctors and their rules). But I did make it to few conferences I never had time to talk about.
  • Google I/O and Bootcamp were very awesome experiences. I though the sessions were very good (you can catch them online) but being able to get straight answers from the engineers was the best part.  They were very approachable and willing to talk and I came away with a greater understanding on Android, App Engine an Chrome. I can understand why they keep it small (I can only imagine how overwhelming it would have been for the engineers and staff), but I do wish the people that only attended for the swag would have stayed home.
  • The jQuery Conference in San Francisco was very good. I was able to meet some of the folks from Bocoup and the jQuery team and the session speakers were top notch.  I unfortunately won't be attending the upcoming event in Boston due to other commitments.
I'm sure I'm missing about 27 other things (the summer did happen, it's just very blurry at the moment). But an short update is better than no update.