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All the world is a stage and given the opportunity, I am always happy to act and teach upon it.

Sound check while  on the stage at the Nesbitt-Elliott Playhouse in Arizona.
Justin Ribeiro

Over the course of my career, I’ve given hundreds of talks across the United States in a wide mix of both public and private engagements. I produced and co-hosted The Web Platform Podcast for five years with over a million downloads. I’ve written for publications such as Safari Books Online, EMULSIVE, and NFC Forum, and have spoken at large conferences such as Google I/O, Eclipsecon, SPAR 3D and jQuery Conference.

I have a strict rule about speaking on only topics that I thorough real world experience and results from within the innovation, management, and software engineering spaces. This allows me to deliver talks and have conversations with the people in attendance, virtually and in person, that are meaningful and rich. My goal when giving any talk is to deliver takeaways that are applicable and allow innovation to occur throughout an organization or community.

🎤 Request Speaking Engagement

Looking for a speaker at your school, conference, or corporate event? Send me an email at and let’s try to make it happen!

Please note: I will not accept a speaking invitation, either for a talk or panel, unless your event has a defined diversity and inclusion statement. It’s 2021. We’re not in the dark ages.

Why No Management Talks Online?

I get this question a lot. Most of my innovation and management talks are not available publicly, but are designed specifically for a given corporation or organization.

It is on my list to give more of these talks publicly as the pandemic winds down. Stay tuned.

🎙️ The Web Platform Podcast

In December 2015, I became a regular host on The Web Platform Podcast with Erik Isaksen. Starting in mid-2017, I’ve started hosting the show with Danny Blue, Amal Hussein, and Leon Revill. Today, while I rarely host, I still produce the show for distribution.

For a full listing of episodes check out

☀️ Past Talks, Slidedecks and Publications

This list is generally always out of date and only contains slidedecks from public talks. If you are looking for a private deck that I made for your organization, please contact your internal event staff for information.!

Getting Started with WebAssembly

Various Locations, January 2019.

WebNFC: Wait, we have a spec for that?

Connection Summit, March 2018.

SSR, Rendertron, and You

Various Locations, January 2018.

21 Years: try { coding(); } finally { learning(); }

Various Locations, 2018.

Finding Endangered Tortoises with IoT, Cloud and Web Combined

IoT DevFest Arizona, March 2017.

Integrating and Delivering AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages today!

Various Locations, February 2017.

Demonstrating web performance at Chrome Dev Summit 2016

November 2016. Google Chrome Dev Summit.

Web Components and Polymer BEYOND

Various Locations, 2016.

Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

September 2016. GDG Silicon Valley.

Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

August 2016. GDG Oakdale.

Building Progressive Web Apps - 3 part series

May 2016. GDG Oakdale.

Building Firebase Applications - 3 part series

April 2016. GDG Oakdale.

For Love of Dev

March 2016. Google GDG NA Community Summit.

S01E07 - The Polymer 2016 Roadmap featuring Rob Dodson with Justin Ribeiro

March 2016. Modern Web Podcast

Show me the Context: Beacons, Hints, and You

February 2016. GDG DevFest 2016 - GDG Kansas City

Progressive Web Apps: the web gets appy edition

January 2016. GDG Oakdale.

Building real-time elements using Polymer and Firebase

January 2016. IoT DevFest Arizona

Beacons, Hinting, and You: Context and Discovery

November 2015. GDG DevFest 2015 - GDG Silicon Valley

JavaScript Design Patterns

September 2015. GDG Oakdale.

Polymer 1.0

Google Developer Expert on Polymer and Firebase for real-time elements

May 2015. Google I/O.

Google Cast - Introducing the SDK

May 2015. GDG Oakdale.

Developing for Project Tango

April 2015. Smart Glass Innovators

Firebase: An Overview

April 2015. GDG Oakdale.

Developing for Project Tango

March 2015. GDG Fresno

Guest Post: Working with Android HCE, libNFC, and Chrome-NFC

March 2015. NFC Forum

Developing for Project Tango

March 2015. GDG Oakdale

ServiceWorker Codelab

February 2015. GDG Oakdale

Deploy all the things with Google Cloud Platform


January 2015. A Night with ReThinkDB

Chrome Extensions Codelab

January 2015. GDG Oakdale

From zero to deploy: Getting started with Google Cloud Platform

December 2014. GDG Oakdale

Android Wear: Introduction

October 2014. GDG DevFest Fresno 2014

Google Glass: Introduction

October 2014. GDG DevFest Fresno 2014

Polymer: Introduction and Cases

October 2014. GDG Oakdale

Changing perception in education

August 2014. Riverbank Schools Leadership Retreat

Google Glass: Mirror API and Beyond

June 2014. GDG Oakdale

Beyond WebGL: Increasing Online Viewer Performance Pipeline on the Web and for Your Audience

April 2014. SPAR International

NFC and the web: It’s happening

March 2014. NFC Forum

Safari Books Online: Glassware Development

March 2014. Articles on I was commissioned to write three pieces for Safari Books Online development blog

Handling real-time data on the web

Video: [](

February 2014. jQuery Conference San Diego

Merging Technologies to bring 3D printing status to the web

February 2013. EclipseCon Boston

Getting started with Google Analytics

March 2013. Oakdale Chamber of Commerce

Getting started with Google AdWords

March 2013. Oakdale Chamber of Commerce